Personal Injury Treatment

Approximately 80% of Dr. Lewkovich’s practice is devoted to personal injury cases. This primarily involves evaluating and treating motor vehicle collision injuries. Over 28 years of experience in this area, combined with extensive research, knowledge and med-legal review/testimony, assures first-rate care from start to finish.

Worker's Compensation Qualified Medical Evaluations

Dr. Lewkovich has extensive experience in treating and evaluating injured workers. He regularly performs Panel Qualified Medical Examinations and has performed Agreed Medical Evaluations, as well.

Independent Medical Evaluations

For those cases that require a second opinion, Dr. Lewkovich is available.  Evaluations can range from merely a brief consultation to ½ day evaluations with detailed/extensive reports.

Malpractice Case Review

Dr. Lewkovich has reviewed many cases of alleged malpractice, both for the defense and the plaintiff.  His practice, research and teaching experience have made him a reliable choice for those seeking a fair opinion and confident testimony.

Auto Accident Case Review

Doctors, attorneys and insurance company adjustors have repeatedly relied upon Dr. Lewkovich’s evaluation and opinions in a variety of complex auto injury cases.

Professional Downloads