When we have a clear understanding of your condition, we will discuss it with you. We believe optimum health care depends on cooperation between doctor and patient. We will provide you with treatment options, and assist you in the formulation of a personalized treatment plan.

Your treatment may include adjustments (manipulation), in which a precise degree of pressure is exerted to correct dysfunction at various joints. The goal is to restore joint mobility, reduce nerve irritation, relax muscles and assist the natural healing abilities of the body. Adjustments are done manually, or with a small instrument and are gentle, specific and precise. We pride ourselves on our gentle touch.

Your Treatment Plan
Your customized treatment plan takes into account many factors. We consider your specific condition, past medical history, age, gender, and your own personal needs in this process. While establishing proper joint function to relieve pain, dysfunction and other symptoms is the major goal of care, additional means can facilitate the recovery. The use of such therapies as ultrasound, traction, myofascial release, electrical muscle stim, and in-office exercise may be used when required. In conjunction with home care, ergonomic modification, and lifestyle changes, the ideal treatment plan can be formulated.

Chiropractic care is extremely safe. That is why malpractice premiums for chiropractors are a small fraction of what any medical doctor pays for the same level of coverage. Even the use of over-the-counter medications carry significant risks, with frequencies of complications hundreds or even thousands of times greater than chiropractic treatment. Any relevant risk of our treatment will be explained as part of our standard informed consent process. Additionally, we will be happy to discuss the alternatives to any care recommended. Remember, that your safety and comfort are always paramount concerns to our office.

How long will it take?
The duration of treatment depends entirely upon a patient's response to treatment and the goals of care. Some conditions respond with just one visit. The majority of non-complicated conditions respond well within 2-3 weeks. More serious conditions take longer, especially whiplash-type injuries or neurological problems. But in all cases, it is the patient's response to care that is the primary determinant of the frequency and duration of care at this office.