Brief Paperwork

Good documentation is essential for proper evaluation and treatment. You can DOWNLOAD FORMS BELOW or visit our PATIENT FORMS PAGE to save yourself time in our office or simply obtain them once you arrive.


Once the paperwork is completed, the next step is the consultation. Here, the history of your current and past health problems will be carefully reviewed. If your condition appears amenable to chiropractic care, a thorough examination will be recommended and performed at that time.

History and Examination

The examination helps determine the cause of your health problems.  Generally, the exam process consists of gentle procedures to assess orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic function.  This step is essential to determine a reasonable diagnosis. If your problem is one that is typically responsive to chiropractic care, the doctor's findings will be explained at this point and treatment recommendations will be made.

X-Ray Studies

X-ray films are never routinely taken. When they are required, they are used to rule-out more serious conditions and to assist in developing the most effective treatment program.

Same Day Treatment

Once the intake paperwork, consultation, examination and any appropriate studies are complete, treatment will be provided that same day. Chiropractic care generally consists of gentle spinal manipulation, physical therapies, corrective exercises, and home care recommendations.

Medical Referrals

This office maintains an excellent working relationship with the medical community. If the doctor believes your condition warrants further medical evaluation and/or treatment, it will be recommended. Our office staff will gladly assist you in obtaining a proper referral to the right medical specialist.

Home Instructions

Health care is definitely a two-way street.  The doctor has a job to do and so does the patient.  Posture correction, ergonomic modifications, home exercises, and the use of such things as a heat and/or cold pack are typically part of the most successful treatment regimen.  The avoidance or minimization of certain activities and the use of a specialized support/brace is sometimes prescribed as well.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Generally speaking, patients are next seen within 1-2 business days of the first visit. On the follow-up visit, your response to treatment will be assessed and modified, if necessary.  We will review your home care instructions at that time, as well.  If for any reason you need to change your appointment, please call us at (760) 744-1881.  You can leave a message at any time or speak to our friendly staff during regular business hours.